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About Us

avshalomovAvshalomov Architects and City Planning Ltd is dedicated to providing solutions to real estate development challenges through innovative design and carefully executed construction.

We are a one-stop architectural firm providing service to real estate developers, builders, homeowners and business entrepreneurs. Our staff is known for professional consultancy, value-added expertise, smart cost-effective design, and long-range planning that includes a thorough knowledge of DCAP zoning, building codes and all related guidelines.

Our highest priority is the customer relationship, which Avshalomov manages with professionalism and attention to detail. We recognize that every project is unique in its challenges and goals, and we encourage customer feedback and interaction as part of our teamwork to achieve those goals. Our work culture, together with our emphasis on user-friendly design and new building technologies, produces results that often exceed customer expectations.

In contrast to the prevailing trend of outsourcing key tasks (such as construction permits), Avshalomov Architects and City Planning Ltd personally oversees all contacts with local authorities, to expedite permit processing and represent our customers in other municipal matters. Our name and reputation in the field of architectural services contributes to a relationship of trust and respect with real estate professionals, construction firms and developers.